This is Kaitsun Puukko ja Puutyö

Kaitsun Puukko ja Puutyö is owned by me, Kai Perttula (born in 1965). I started business in January 2020. Earlier making puukkos has been my hobby since 2013. I have learned making puukkos in many courses. After learning basics, I have developed my working methots to suite me best. And there is always something to learn more.

In my webpages you can find pictures of my puukkos and other products: puukkos and knifes in Puukot ja kokkiveitset, wooden products in Puutuotteet, plywood products in Vanerituotteet and cake decorations in Kakkukoristeet. If you’d like to see my premises and pictures of working to to Työtilat. My contact information is in Yhteystiedot.

How I make my puukkos and knives

I forge blades with hammer and anvil. Then I grind blades to proper measures by using belt sander. Next I heat-tread blades and after that I sand blades by hand. Usually I use carbon steel to blades. I design handles to be functional and weather resistant. I use wood, coloured birch plywood or acryl for handles. I made sheaths of tanned leather individually for each puukko.

In case you have any questions or want to have more information about my puukkos and other products, please send me email